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1st Reservoir Cubs - Knots and other stuff

This is the page where Akela, Singum, Chil and Rama will put important cubs stuff for all of you to look at and use through the year. Mostly it will be handouts about cub events and things that are part of the 'core learning' for cubs - knots, trail signs, perhaps stories from the jungle book, and so on. Keep checking back here as we put things up - usually we'll put things here as we develop them for each week's program. Depending on how Akela feels, we may even put up some classic materials on request - let the leaders know if there's anything we have done in the past that you were wondering "how did that work"? We might be able to post it here!


Boomerang Knots

Here you'll find instructions for some of the core Boomerang knots we use at cubs. Feel free to print and practice!

Reef Knot


Clove Hitch

Sheet bend

Other Extremely Useful Knots

Here are instructions for some great knots that cubs should have a go at, even if they're not on the Boomerang badge list. Give them a go! We will end up using them...

Figure of Eight Knot

Round Turn & Two Half Hitches

Butterfly Loop

Really Good Invisible Ink

Who doesn't love invisible ink? It's quite easy to make some really good invisible ink that works well - just get a quarter of a red cabbage, and chop it up finely. Then put it into a glass or plastic jug, and pour boiling (or near boiling) water over it. Stir a little and then let it sit for a while - after about 10 minutes, strain into a glass jar. The colour will leach out of the red cabbage (though not entirely) leaving you with a purple-ish liquid. This contains a to that found in litmus paper - that means, the liquid can be used to detect acids and alkalines.

So then what? Well, the best 'ink' I've found is bicarbonate of soda (baking soda). Mix some with a little bit of water, and then use a stick or something similar to write your message on paper. You need to dip frequently, so that the bicarbonate is thick (but not seeping thick) on the paper. Then wait for the paper to dry, and when it is, gently wipe off any bicarbonate powder that is left. You secret message is now ready!  

To see the message, thinly paint it with the red cabbage liquid you made. It should show up a distinctive green-blue colour. You can also use the liquid on other 'inks' - vinegar, lemon juice, and so on. You can also use the liquid to test the Ph of acids and alkalines (pink for acid, blue for alkaline). I prefer to use bicarbonate of soda as an ink because it it much harder to see when it dries.

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