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1st Reservoir Cubs - Law and Promise

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All about the cubs law and promise

The Cub Scout Law and Promise are some of the most important components of the cubs program. Taken together, the cubs reflect on what they mean, and how they can put them into practice, so that they may become (or continue to be!) better people and better citizens. By following the Law and Promise, cubs learn important lessons about striving to be the best they can possibly be, about considering others, about serving their fellow human beings, and about appreciating and contributing to the well-being of the natural and social world.

All cubs are meant to know and reflect on the Cub Scout Law when they are invested into the Cub Pack, and all cubs make the Cub Scout Promise when they are invested. The cub leaders try to integrate the Law and Promise into the cub scout program, and allow opportunities for cubs to learn and apply the Law and Promise to their own lives throughout the year.

The Cub Scout Law

Cub Scouts are loyal and obedient
Cub Scouts do not give into themselves

The Cub Scout Promise

On my honour, I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to my God and to the Queen of Australia (or 'To do my duty to my God and Australia')
To help other people
And to live by the Cub Scout Law

The Cub Scout Investiture Ceremony

When a new chum is being invested to become a cub scout, the following ceremony occurs:
Akela asks the new chum’s sixer to bring her forward.

Akela: [New chum], are you ready to become a cub?
New chum: Yes Akela I am.
Akela: Do you know your Cub Scout Law and Promise?
New chum: Yes Akela I do.
Akela: Please tell me the Cub Law.
New chum: Cubs are loyal and obedient. Cub Scouts do not give into themselves.
Akela: Now will you please make the Scout Sign?

(The new chum and the pack make the Scout Sign)

Akela: Repeat after me…
On my honour (new chum repeats)
I promise that I will do my best (new chum repeats)
To do my duty (new chum repeats)
To my God and the Queen of Australia (new chum repeats)
To help other people (new chum repeats)
And to live by the Cub Scout Law (new chum repeats)

Akela and the new chum shake left hands

Akela: Welcome to the Worldwide Brotherhood of Scouting.

Then the leaders each present the new CUB with badges. The new CUB will salute the pack, and then return to her six.

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