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1st Reservoir Cubs - Highlights from recent activities

Cubs visiting state parliament

What have we been doing?

Throughout the year, the cubs section tries to do one or more excursions per term, and between two and three camps during the year. On top of this, we meet every Monday night during the school term to play games, work on our badges, make things, learn things, and think and do things to make us better people.

Last year was a big year for cubs, mainly because a number of our cubs attended the Eighth Cuborree at Gilwell Park! We also had an Adventure Camp at Pax Hill in Ballarat, a Medieval District camp at Clifford Park, and a hall sleepover. We took part in a number of hikes, the ANZAC Day March at Whittlesea, and of course continued with our action-packed Monday night programs throughout the school terms.

Three of our senior cubs were awarded the Grey Wolf Badge, which is the highest award a cub can achieve in cubs. Already in 2015 we have at least one more cub who has earned this award.

In 2015 we will be holding a number of camps, attending district events, flying in planes, and of course doing all we can to have fun while getting outdoors, learning things, challenging ourselves, and respecting one another.

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