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1st Reservoir Cub Section

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Welcome to 1st Reservoir Cubs

Ask anyone, and they'll always tell you the best thing about scouts is Cubs! We have an active and energetic cubs section at 1st Reservoir - when we're not working toward our boomerang badges, you will usually find us trying out new games (really new - like, we make them up!), building stuff to swing on or cross over, making things, painting, yarning, and even learning. There are between 26 and 34 cubs in our pack on any given Monday night, but we're always happy to welcome more "new chums", as they call them in cubs. We meet every Monday night during the school term, from 7.00 to 8.30pm, at the 1st Reservoir Scout Hall.

This is the cubs home page - below you can find out about what we're doing and who we are, and some recent highlights from cubs. We've also got a bit of information about what cubs is and how it works - which may be handy for kids thinking about becoming cubs, or for existing cubs who need to brush up a bit! If you want to cut directly to weekly information on what we're up to, click the links below. You can also check out our cubs stuff page where you can check out things cubs need to know - like knots and things. We also now have a notices page, where you can quickly get the right forms for our upcoming events.

Our Leaders

There are three leaders at 1st Reservoir, and all have their own 'cubs' name that everyone knows them by. When we visit other cub packs, though, some of their leaders have the same cubs name (most cub packs have a leader called "Akela", for example), and when that happens we call our leaders by their cubs name and their own name.


Matkah is the leader-in-charge for 1st Reservoir Cubs. Kate returned to cubs after being a cub leader back in her Rover days, before having children of her own.


Singum knows pretty much everything about knots, and a fair bit else as well. While he describes himself as a big kid, he's actually a pretty responsible adult too. Nothing can get cubs to get ready for Grand Howl as quickly as Singum's call for "PAARAAAADE!!!!" at the end of the night!


RAMA (Josh)

Rama came to us from Warrnambool, and is also very active as one of Victoria's best Rovers.He also knows how to spin a mean toilet roll. How good is that?





The Pack

The "Pack" is the name for the whole group of cubs, and the leaders. A lot of the traditions and things the cub pack do are based on the Jungle Book stories by Rudyard Kipling. At the start of the night the cubs start with a "parade", which is when they all stand in a semi circle around 1st Reservoir's Australian and Victorian flags at the scout hall. Then they do a thing called a "Grand Howl", which is based on the moment in the Jungle Book when all of the wolf pack gathered around the chief wolf, Akela, who sat on the meeting rock, called Council Rock. In cub scouts, the cubs surround the pack leader - Akela (Matkah for our Group!) - to tell tell her they will do their best.

The cub pack is divided into "Sixes", which are smaller groups of around six cubs who are led by a "Sixer" and her or his deputy, a "Second". A Six will often work together during games, or to complete activities during a cubs night. At the moment, there are five Sixes at 1st Reservoir - Tawny Six, Red Six, White Six, Black Six and Grey Six. "New Chums" - new people who have not yet been invested in the pack, and so have not recieved a scarf - will often join a particular six while they learn a little more about cubs. New chums will usually be invested around six weeks after they join the pack, when they have had enough time to learn how to be a good cub!

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