1st Reservoir Scout Group Committee

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1st Reservoir Scout Group Committee

About the Committee

The Group Committee is generally comprised of the parents of current scouts members, and the Group Leader is also an ex-offico member of the Committee. The Committee is responsible for the financial management of the Group and the maintenance of its resources. The Committee is also responsible, along with the Group Leader, for making sure that sufficient resources are available for the section leaders (rover, venturer, scout, cub and joey leaders) to provide quality programs for youth. The Committee and the Group Leader are also responsible for identifying new section leaders, should vacancies arise.

The Committee administers the collection of fees on behalf of the Group and Scouts Victoria, coordinates fundraising activities, manages hall hire, and is responsible for the purchase of whole-of-group materials and assets. The Committee must also prepare audited financial reports for presentation to the Scouts Victoria following the end of each financial year. The Committee is elected annually by parents and community members who have an interest in the Group. Current members of the Committee are:

Tom Stephens, President
Vaughn Koops, Group Leader
Kathryn Li, Secretary & Fees Officer
Bonnie Wilson, Treasurer
Greg Dennis, Quartermaster

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